Our Services

We offer a wide range of landscaping and garden design services including:

Landscaping Design

We’re here to bring your garden ideas to life.

We can provide you with a personal digital design of your garden space using any information you can give us, such as: pictures, Pinterest boards, ideas, measurements and budget. This will give you and us a clearer picture of exactly what design you have in mind and what is achievable.

Artificial Grass

We only use high quality products from a wide range to provide you with a fantastic looking finish on a low maintenance garden. The quote you are given will include the supply and fit of the material. We ensure that the product is completely safe for all weather, children and pets.

There are many different options in terms of colour, size and quality to fit all budgets. We can provide many samples for you to choose from. Using artificial grass will definitely provide you with a lawn that no longer requires mowing, weeding or treating. Perfect for those who are looking for a fantastic looking lawn all year round.


We are able to use all different kinds of paving to create your perfect patio or path area within your garden. For use as a base for your hot tub, access to and from the house or simply a nice area to sit and relax. We have experience using all different types of paving from porcelain, flagstone, concrete/ textured and much more. Using our experience we will be able to advise you on all aspects of choosing the right paving for you and your garden.

Decking/ Joinery work

Together with your ideas for your garden and our experience we can plan and create your perfect decking area that will be best suited for your garden. It can be anything from a simple decking area to including built in seating or lighting and hand rails. We can use decking to create stairs and seats. 

We also can provide composite decking which is a longer lasting material that is waterproof and hard wearing. This type of material doesn’t require sanding or painting. 

Depending on your budget we can provide a quotation for both types of decking. 


We can offer a range of different styles when it comes to fencing such as slat or ranch style. Panel fencing, bamboo or trellis and much more. Improving anything in your garden such as security or privacy is essential when it comes to designing your perfect space. 

Using the best materials all of our fences are built to withstand all types of weather for many years to come. 



Depending on your ideal look for your garden it may include plants or trees. If your looking to replace your tired lawn with new turf it’s definitely something we can do. We use only the best quality products to ensure longevity and can provide you with a care package for your new turf or plants. 

Retaining walls

If your garden requires a strong structure to retain a slope or hill this can be created using breeze blocks or sleepers. These will be built to construction standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable space. In some gardens that have a slope or hill we can use a retaining wall to create a new level that can give you a useable garden space to enjoy. 


We strive to provide you with a driveway that is practical for its everyday use but can still be a space for great design using all different aspects of landscaping. 

We use many different materials for driveways such as mono blocks, slabs and gravel. Using your ideas and budget we can provide you with a driveway that is cost effective but well founded and built to last. 

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